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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Gomez Foundation for Mill House is to preserve the historic Mill House and historic site; to make the public aware of the long history and role of American Jews as pioneers predating the Revolution by many decades, and to inform the public about the contributions Gomez Mill House owners made to society.

The Story of Gomez Mill House

The cornerstone of the Jewish pioneer experience in America lies along the Hudson River five miles north of Newburgh, New York. It is Gomez Mill House, one of the oldest continuously lived in residences in the United States and the oldest surviving Jewish dwelling in North America.

In 1716, the Jewish pioneer merchant Luis Moses Gomez purchased 1,200 acres in Ulster County, NY. There he built a fieldstone blockhouse to conduct trade along the Hudson River from the Mid-Hudson region to New York City, as an extension of his successful enterprises in Colonial New York. From these roots, through nearly 300 years of American history, Gomez Mill House evolved as the home of American Revolutionary patriot, Wolfert Ecker; the prominent 19th century Armstrong family, especially William Henry; Arts & Crafts paper historian and artisan, Dard Hunter; and 20th century social activist, Martha Gruening.

Descendants of Luis Moses Gomez, joined by descendants of other owners and friends, formed the Gomez Foundation for Mill House in 1979 to preserve and maintain the Gomez Mill House and Historic Site, a chartered museum on the National Register of Historic Places.

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