photo: Chris Panetta, Red Hook NY
Dard Hunter Mill, built 1913.

           Gomez Mill House                                    &                                      Dard Hunter Mill                                                                                                                 open for 2019 season 

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Goran-Gomez Scholar Program

 Dr. Jonathan Schorsch, Professor at the Universität of Potsdam, is researching the Portuguese Jewish   Exploration and Colonization in the Mid-Seventeenth Century.  

 Marc Michael Epstein, Professor of Religion and the Arts on the Mattie M. Paschall & Norman   Davis Chair and Director of Jewish Studies at Vassar College has started research on The Musical   World of Luis Moses Gomez.  

 Their original research will underscore the importance and deepen the understanding of Sephardic     history and the contributions of Luis Moses Gomez to America.


In their efforts to increase awareness about the importance of Luis Moses Gomez, Dr. Arnold Goran and his wife Mariel also provided funds for a short film, Luis Moses Gomez and His Mill House. Please enjoy.

     Luis Moses Gomez and His Mill House

Luis Moses Gomez and His Mill House

"The House That Gomez Built"                                                         (Joanne Palmer, The Jewish Standard)


Photo Credits: Gomez Mill House- Richie Rosencrans, Newburgh, NY,